Morgan - Wedding + Portrait Photographer

I photographed my first wedding in 2014 and by the end of the day I knew it was what I was meant to do. It was the energy that the wedding day brought that made me fall in love with it so quickly.

I loved that the couples closest friends and family were there to celebrate their love and their forever. The fact that I was able to capture precious and valuable moments for such a deserving couple and then thinking about the fact that their future grandchildren will cherish these photos for years to come...It just fueled my servant heart.

I was made for this and documenting this kind of love is truly what I believe I was made to do.

Dusty - Videographer and Photographer

He really is the best story teller I know and it shows through every video he makes!

When we first started shooting weddings together he was always my 2nd shooter. Dusty is a more introverted person than I am and I loved how good he is at hanging back and snagging all the candid shots while I'm running the wedding day and directing shots.

Over the years he has geared his storytelling skills towards videography and we have been able to offer our couples both photography and videography for their weddings!

Get To Know Us 📷

Our Story

Now that I'm sitting down to write this I'm not sure If I've ever actually wrote out the story of how Dusty and I started our journey into photography together.

I'm a firm believer in "everything happens for a reason" and nothing could be more true when it comes to the road that led Dusty and I together..which led to so much more ♥️

I'll try to make a long story short here... (if you know me, you know that's not easy for me..😁)

Dusty and I lived on opposite sides of the state but we were doing pretty much the same thing at the same time... 

It's still so crazy to me. 

We had both recently left jobs that we thought would be life long careers and started to pursue photography.

I was working at a hospital and doing photo gigs on the side. And he had worked his way up to a photography manager with a corporate company.

I ended up being miserable at my hospital job and had seen an ad for an opening at a photography company and jumped on it! I figured I would enjoy a job that included a camera much better than where I was at.

A few days later I had an unexpected meeting with my boss at the hospital and we agreed the job there probably wasn't right for me. ( I think she gently fired me, lol)

As I walked out of the hospital I felt at peace but I was praying for a job that I was meant to be at to come my way. Girls gotta pay rent and be happy, ya know?

Before I made it out of the parking lot I got a text that said something like

" Hey it's Dustin (dustys real name), the photo manager! I have an interview set up for you on Friday if you can make it?"



I remember feeling so freaking excited and just like, in shock. Like, how did this just happen??

And little did I know that the guy that just texted was the man of my dreams. (annnd he was also going to be my boss🤣🤣)

Looking back on it now its so funny to think in that moment my entire life changed. That was the moment the person that was made for me came into my life. I love that.

It goes without saying that I got hired at the photography company and we ended up together but honestly we tried to fight it and the odds weren't in our favor.

The company we worked for didn't like that we were together and did everything they could to make sure we weren't together.

We had only been dating for a couple of weeks when the company told me if I wanted to work there I wasn't allowed to date the manager and vice versa.

There was a lot of uncertainty and everything happened so fast but we both had this feeling that we were supposed to be together and we were falling for each other more and more by the second.

We both quit the company and we chose us.

We were in a true sink or swim situation but like I said... everything happens for a reason.

And what felt like a scary and risky situation ended up being our dream come true. We photographed our first wedding together in March 2015 and it was then our wedding photography business bloomed right along with our relationship.

From there we did things a little nontraditional and started to remodel our house and had our sons, Finn and Stark!

All along we have been business partners and soulmates and I think I'll forever be in shock that I'm worthy to of found my person. ♥️