Okkkkay 😣

For real, why is blogging so hard for me to to remember to do? I literally have one blog post on here as of right now and it was from years ago... #fail. Especially because when I do blog.. I actually enjoy it.

I've recently had a lightbulb moment go off in my head about how important blogging just might be - because this is truly mine. (unless the whole internet shuts down).

Unlike Facebook.

Reality check, your Facebook isn't actually yours.

For those of you that follow me on social media this is old news to you but my personal Facebook account of over 13 years was recently hacked and Facebook completely took it away from me.

I'm not sure what the hackers posted on my page but I did get a notification that it was child exploration. :(

Which absolutely breaks my heart, especially as a mother.

Sooooo since that obviously goes wayyyy against Facebooks community standards - they completely disabled my account.

I requested a review but that didn't do any good. My account is still completely locked.

Not only does my personal account have documentation of every important moment of my life from the past decade, but it is also connected to my business page and there is nothing I can do to get into it.

I cant check my messages, I cant shut it down, nothing. Its just sitting there with no way to update it.

Guys, I have done EVERYTHING to try to reach Facebook.

I bought an Oculus to try to go through their customer service to get it restored. That didn't work. I have a portal and tried to go through their customer support, that didn't work. I tried to reach Facebook on every form they have only to get AI responses and they literally dont even know what I'm saying in my messages. They just reply with some bogus information and tell me to go to facebook.com\help - it's the dumbest situation ever and I hate it.

lol - but seriously.

I really wish I was writing this and going to finish it up with "All in all, I ended up getting my account back"

but that's not the case and I really dont know if I ever will. Its something I have just had to come to terms with.

I've made a new personal page but haven't yet made a new business page. I guess I'm still waiting it out just a little longer to see if it comes back, idk.

I finally mailed a handwritten letter to Facebooks head quarters in California as my last ditch effort. I honestly had to walk away and quit trying because the whole situation was starting to effect my mental health and time with my little boys. It was consuming my every thought, I was short tempered with my kids and my husband, and I've spent lots and lots of hours trying to be heard by Facebook with no success.

At the end of the day my family is healthy, were alive, and so happy with each other. So in reality, what matters more than that?

I mean besides having an income to support our lifestyle and put food in our bellies....which is actually linked to my Facebook accounts but hey - who needs money? 🙄

(us. we need money)

Speaking of which, I forgot to mention the hackers eventually ended up making their way into my bank account through my ads account on fb and swiped $600.

Anyway... its only up from here because honestly these past couple weeks have been stressful and shitty from dealing with this.

*If your reading this and feel like helping a sista out - please go to my new profile and send me a friend request. I'll update this if I get my OG profile back or if I end up making a new business page.

I'm sorry if you are going through this :( And if you need someone to talk to or want to hear anymore about my experience please feel free to reach out to me. I would do anything I can to help 🖤