I don't remember ever thinking about being a mother until it came time that I knew I was going to be one.

I've always loved children but never pictured myself as a mother.

Honestly I was scared of so many things that becoming a mother involved. From birth to raising them, to responsibility, and everything in-between. On top of that I just didn't have a clue on how to do it.

And then something that I was so afraid of became the thing I am most passionate about.

The fear turned into bravery and then that turned into

"just do."

And then the "just do" turned into

"do it the absolute best you can."

And now I have found myself giving motherhood everything I've got so I can raise these little humans in a way that they won't have to recover from or question their childhood and that their hearts will be filled with love.

True, pure love - for others and for moments and just for ALL.OF.IT

The way I look at it is this:

I get to raise them to be everything I think they are. I get to give them their confidence, I get to show them hopefulness, I get to teach them acceptance, grace and understanding. And then I get to watch as they become so much more than I've ever even thought of being.

I believe for the most part the world is good and some people tell me that's just my perspective of trying to see the glass half full.

But what I do know is that the world CAN be better. And my opinion is that it starts with mothers. Our job is big and so freaking important.

To love.

To nurture.

To validate.

To build.

To accept.

And I'm here to give it my all.